SalesPad ShipTo GP

Manage your shipping operations. Easily.

ShipTo GP lets you monitor and manage your sales orders so you can ship products quickly and reliably. ShipTo GP makes it easy to import your shipment data to UPS or FedEx, process the shipment and then write back the shipment costs and package tracking numbers back to your sales orders.

ShipTo GP integrates with UPS WorldShip™, FedEx Ship Manager®, Microsoft Dynamics™ GP and, optionally, SalesPad. USPS Mail shipments are also supported via UPS Mail Innovations.

ShipTo GP Features Include:

Shipping Monitor

Monitor your ready-to-ship orders and prioritize them according to your needs. Click or scan the order number to import orders into UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager.

Our integration is the most accurate way of shipping your products because it minimizes user entry errors.

Batch Shipping

Users can process multiple shipments at once using ShipTo GP Batch Shipping which integrates with UPS WorldShip Batch Import to process multiple sales line items in a single step.

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