SalesPad Additions GP

Additions GP helps bring the power of SalesPad to Microsoft Dynamics GP®, all without opening SalesPad in some cases.

With several different modules available for purchase, Additions GP can allow users to harness the power of UDFs, view Sales Batch Processing, and more.

Additions GP Features Include:

Easily View Sales Batch Processing

Sales Batch processing gives users the ability to view and capture batches.

When viewing a batch within Additions GP, details about the credit card information for that batch is available.

Quickly Search Sales Documents

Within Additions, users can use the Sales Document Search module to quickly search for a Sales Document.

When the user clicks on the entry that they are looking for, the Sales Document will open up within Microsoft Dynamics GP®.

User Fields Just a Click Away

Giving users the ability to view UDFs on a Sales Document without opening SalesPad, the Sales Document User Fields module is a powerful tool.

Users who do not use SalesPad can now access the different UDFs which may be present on a Sales Document and insert or view the values. This module does require at least one seat of SalesPad in order to create the UDFs.

Create SOP Entries

With the SOP Entry module, users are able to create a new authorization, a new charge, and new credits as well.

The user will need to open CardControl GP to actually process the transaction through Addtions GP.

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Additions GP