SalesPad Mobile GP

Access and manage your sales, customer, and inventory data while on the go.

SalesPad Mobile GP gives Microsoft Dynamics GP users the power to manage their customers, inventory, and sales documents from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.

Whether traveling, on-site, or simply away from your desk, SalesPad Mobile GP enables you to never be disconnected from your company again.

Features Include:

Manage documents Conveniently

SalesPad Mobile GP's SalesMonitor provides convenient access to sales documents on iOS and Android mobile devices. Users can manage sales documents from anywhere.

View your customers Anywhere

SalesPad Mobile GP's Customer Lookup modules let you find and view all customers in your database so you can easily access customer data anywhere you bring your smartphone or tablet.

Explore your inventory Anywhere

No matter where you are, if you need to check your inventory to see what's in stock, which warehouse items are stored, etc., you can use SalesPad Mobile GP's Inventory Lookup feature.

View Item Images on an Order

Adding items to an order has just gotten easier with SalesPad Mobile GP. Users can now search all items in inventory and view images for each item while creating an order.

Print While on the Go

Printing receipts from SalesPad Mobile GP is as easy as picking a supported printer and pressing the print button.

Enter Payments on iOS Devices

For iOS users, SalesPad Mobile GP offers a Payments option. Users can select between Cash, Check, and Credit Card payment types.

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SalesPad Mobile GP