Non Profit Plus

Non Profit Plus powered by Acumatica is a commanding addition to the award winning financial suite of Acumatica. Providing functionality specific to not for profits and non government organizations including fund accounting, encumbrance processing, grant management and . This enables Non Profit Plus to be the choice of executive directors and chief financial officers when selecting to carry their organization into the future.

The nonprofit accounting software makes a difference by providing

the following key nonprofit features:

Fund Accounting

Self Balancing Funds is a distinct feature of NonProfitPlus; extending to the AP and AR control account activity including taxes, if applicable, and the processing of due to / from entries.

Setup enables flexible options to meet each organization’s specific needs.

Encumbrance Processing

Recording expenditures is a common functionality in ERP systems, but Encumbrances enables the recognition of the expense commitment at the time of the entry of the purchase obligation.

Utilize Funds Available Notification to stay within budget and eliminate surprises.

Fund Management

Fund Management will assist the organization in: defining the Fund’s type, the Fund’s defined use of cash, the availability of chart of account use, the availability of sub-account use, and specific definition of usable AP and AR control accounts.

The goal is eliminate commingling of cash issues and user distribution input errors.

Grant Management

A grant within NonProfit Plus is treated as an entity with its own life span. Activity of a grant accumulates from all supporting modules with the following features:

  • Define as a grantee or grantor
  • Reporting that moves beyond the limits of an organization’s fiscal year
  • Manage sponsors/benefactors with contacts, as well as develop and manage budgets.
  • Non-Profit Focuses:

  • Advocacy and Community
  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts and Culture Organizations
  • Colleges
  • Environment and ConservationOrganizations
  • Faith Based Ministries
  • Food Banks
  • Human Services
  • Low-Income Housing Organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Museums
  • Non Government Organizations
  • Philanthropic Foundations
  • Private Schools
  • Public and Private Charities
  • Social and Recreation Clubs
  • Social Welfare Organizations
  • Theatre Groups
  • Veterans Organizations
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    Non Profit Plus