Financial Management Suite

The Acumatica Financial Management Suite includes a core set of applications designed for companies with complex requirements, yet are easy to use in smaller organizations.

Financial Management modules are integrated with each other and the other Acumatica suites, including Distribution Management, Customer Management, and Project Accounting.

Modules and Capabilities:

General Ledger

The General Ledger (GL) is the central repository for your financial information that includes your chart of accounts, financial periods, ledgers, allocations, and more.

Entries can be made directly into the GL or they can be made from other application modules and then posted to the GL module.

GL Module data sheet

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable (AP) module is used to track vendor invoices, automate payment processing, predict cash requirements, track vendor balances, manage available discounts, and deliver vendor reports.

The AP module is integrated with all other Acumatica modules.

AP Module data sheet

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module is used to enter customer invoices, send customer statements, collect and apply payments, verify customer balances, track sales commissions, and deliver customer reports.

The AR module is integrated with all other Acumatica modules.

AR Module data sheet

Cash Management

The Cash Management (CA) module is integrated with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules to provide a single place where you can manage all of your cash needs.

Reports provide summarized views of data and allow you to drill down to account details.

CA Module data sheet

Consolidation Overview

With Acumatica, you can provide integrated financial reporting and business analysis across all your affiliated companies and subsidiaries from a single, centralized system.

Worldwide access and strict access controls allow everybody to perform their specific role in the consolidation process without gaining access to confidential data.

Consolidation data sheet

Currency Management

The Currency Management (CM) module automatically computes realized and unrealized gains and losses, performs account revaluations, and performs financial statement translation so you can save time managing international subsidiaries and operations.

Once activated, operations in multiple currencies become available through all Acumatica financial modules.

CM Module data sheet

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets Management (FA) module maintains depreciation schedules for assets that you own, rent, or lease and is fully integrated with all other financial modules.

FA Module data sheet

Inter-Company Accounting

With Acumatica’s Inter-Company Accounting module, you can track financials and create reports separately for an unlimited number of related companies* within your organization.

Inter-Company Module data sheet


Acumatica Payroll gives you the flexibility to determine whether you want to distribute payroll to a simple default set of GL accounts or to multiple GL accounts based on criteria such as branch, department, location, employee class position, union or earnings codes, tax codes, deduction, or benefit codes.

Payroll Module data sheet

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